Detector Removal

Detectors need removal and replacement for various reasons. The vast majority are fitted on bayonet mountings and the task can be done using specialist tools fitted to appropriate access poles. Using such specialist devices saves the time, cost, disruption and risk to safety that ladders, scaffolding or access gear represents.

Solo C3 – used in conjunction with Solo 330 / 332 dispensers - provides a safe way of achieving this with CO concentration levels high enough to activate an alarm, but low enough not to pose danger to user health.


Solo 200 Detector Removal Tool

Faced with a vast array of different models shapes and sizes the professional needs a universal tool. Compatible with an astonishingly wide range of detectors, the colour-coded heads of the Solo 200 rotate to provide a combination of sizes and settings for just about every detector.

  • Universal design suits widest range of detectors
  • Suitable for use at / from angles
  • Outstanding quality backed by lifetime warranty*

Dedicated detector devices

The Solo 200 can’t please all the detectors all of the time and certain detectors require specialist devices (either because of their unique form factors or because of inherent locks). A wide range of these have been developed (some available only through the detector manufacturer themselves) and more are designed as required. Contact us to discuss further.