The new standard in functional testing of smoke detectors

A new method of smoke generation for Solo

Solo 365 offers everything the industry expects from the Solo brand, pairing it with the very latest technology and wrapping it in a new modern slim-line design and incorporates non-hazardous, non-pressurised cartridges.

Solo 365

  • Faster

    Work faster with automatic smoke generation and fewer repeat alarms

  • Simpler

    Test easily and access more detectors with a light, slim-line design

  • Cleaner

    Eliminate detector contamination with detector friendly smoke

More Tests

Solo 365 generates smoke on-demand, wasting less smoke and giving more tests faster:

  • More tests than traditional smoke aerosols
  • Eliminates repeat alarms
  • Minimal smoke wastage
Solo 365

More Detectors

Smoke detector designs are changing which can make them hard to test with traditional test solutions. Solo 365 solves this:

  • Compatible with all smoke detectors
  • Approved by world-leading detector manufacturers
  • Slim-line design allows testing of hard-to-access detectors
Solo 365

More Places

Solo 365 is suitable for testing in a wide range of sites due to:

  • A flexible, slim design for access to tight spaces
  • Improved low temperature performance
  • Auto LED for testing in dark areas
  • Suitability for ASD system testing
Solo 365

Much easier to handle than our previous unit and felt very sturdy. The unit enabled zero pressure on a ceiling tile which is a big plus.

Cam Alarms

Test smoke disperses quickly and easily, especially using clearing mode.

Nittan Europe

I am very impressed with the Solo 365 tester. Once fitted to the pole the unit is light, easy to manage and works very effectively. Overall 10 out of 10!

Custom Safety Systems

Interesting, good size and shape – easy to assemble.

Vale Fire & Security

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